As you all know, this summer was quite boring over at Curbside. This bummed us out, and we know it did you as well. We did what we could to still try and make summer fun for our kiddos, but we just felt like lunch and bubbles weren’t cutting it! So obviously, we had to do an impromptu Water Night! Each summer, Water Night is widely a favorite for volunteers and kiddos. But with COVID we knew we couldn’t do it like we have in the past and still do our best to keep everyone safe. So we did what we could. We had 500 BIG water guns donated – woo hoo! This was so awesome, so shoutout (you know who you are)! And then many of you donated buckets. With this, we delievered water guns and buckets to our kiddos! We wanted them to be able to have their own Water Night whenever they wanted! Trust us when we tell you it was a HIT! We took a little water up to the apartments and we played until it was dark! Not a single volunteer, kid or bystander went home dry – which means we all had fun, right? Seriously, it was so awesome to see our kiddos have FUN in the midst of a boring summer. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way!


Thanks to one of our sweet volunteers, all of our Lee Point kiddos are ready for school! Mentally, they have been ready since April to go back to school. But so many did not have the materials they needed. Audrey Griffin saw the need and stepped up! She reached out to friends, family, her church, and social media and asked for help. People delivered! Audrey was able to put together 75 backpacks! Not just backpacks, but backpacks FULL of supplies! Each kid received a very nice backpack, a reusable water bottle, a baseball cap, a winter hat, folders, notebooks, crayons, markers, colored pencils, snacks, hygeine products and MORE! Shout out to Audrey! Let’s have a good school year!




You guys have really been blowing us away with your generosity and creativeness in this season! Because we weren’t able to meet at Parker Bennett each Tuesday this summer, Jennifer Evans wanted to think of a way to still let our kiddos know we were around! Again, popsicles and bubbles just don’t cut it! So she and members of her sunday school class put together 250 to-go BBQ plates! Yes, you read that correctly, 250!! We knocked on doors and gave out these plates of BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, cole slaw, chips, and dessert to the community! We were even able to give out the extra to our kids at Lee Point! Not one plate went to waste! How awesome is that?! Thanks Jennifer and friends!