Showing Love at the Curb!

During the month of February we have been able to show so many of our kids the love of Jesus! We started out the month by having our annual Valentines party at Parker Bennett. The kids had so much fun decorating cookies, playing games, and using the photo booth! We had so many special guests that made this an unforgettable night for our kids. We had WKU Mens Basketball, WKU Womens Soccer, and Miss KY Teen, Mattie Barker! Thank you to ALL who showed up and showed out in the name of Jesus! We know our kids continue to feel unconditional love because of YOU!  We were also so happy to visit our Lee Pointe kids at our Milk & Cookies event. We ate cookies, we laughed, and we danced! Needless to say, we are counting down the days until we can go outside with everyone! Thanks for ALL who went the extra mile to show love with Curbside this month.  

Mark Your Calendars!

It’s almost time to go back OUTSIDE at both sites and we could not be more excited!
Parker Bennett
March 24th – Back outside! Join us for a fun night of Curbside! We are partnering with Hillvue Heights Church for a Spring kick off at Parker Bennett
Lee Pointe
March 26th- Spring “Tease”
Join us for a fun night of Curbside! We are partnering with Hillvue Heights Church for a Spring kick off at Lee Pointe. 
April 9th- Officially BACK! 

April 20-22nd – three nights of learning about the ABC’s of Salvation and FUN!  Talk about INTENTIONAL – THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHARE THE GOSPEL ALL THE MORE!!! 














    Max Bennigfield


    Lee Pointe and Parker Bennett
    Each month we spotlight one of the MANY wonderful volunteers of Curbside. This month, we celebrate Max. 
    Max has been a faithful volunteer since 2019! We are so blessed to have him as a volunteer at both of our Curbside Locations!  He even volunteers at homework club on Monday afternoons!

    Max said his favorite part about Curbside is that he learns as much from the kids as they learn from him! He said although this may sound cliche, it’s true! He believes every volunteer feels this way. 

    We can tell that Max really does love Curbside because he has gone out and invited others to join him in his case for Christ.  Max has recruited so many of his fraternity brothers and friends to come and be a part of Curbside!


    We asked Max what he would tell others who were interested in volunteering and he said, “I understand life is busy, but being able to give these kids a role model a couple hours a week is worth taking a break from this non-stop moving world.” We couldn’t agree more! 
    Thanks for all you do, Max. We love you! 





    Every Tuesday: 5:30 pm – Parker Bennett (300 Jenkins Drive)

    Every Thursday: 5:30 pm – Lee Pointe (1222 N. Lee Street)