2020 at Curbside Ministries

We are looking forward to the year 2020 and we know that God is going to use YOU and Curbside in big ways! We started back Embrace Empathy this month and it was so good to be back in one of our favorite schools, Parker Bennett Curry! If you haven’t been able to make it to Embrace Empathy in the past let us encourage you to make it happen in 2020! Those smiling faces, high-fives, and hugs are sure to get each Monday started off on the right foot. 

New Program!

Because the winter months are our downtime at Curbside, we figured that now would be the perfect time to start up a program we have been wanting to do for a while.

CURBSIDE HOMEWORK CLUB! Our group will meet from 3-6pm on Monday’s at the Curbside building. We want to provide a place for our kids to peacefully work on homework and receive help if needed! Super simple, but also a great way to be intentional with our kids.
But we need YOU to be able to do this. If you sign up, it is not a commitment for the rest of the year but we do need you there on the days you sign up! We will have sign ups every month, and you can pick which day works for you! Please consider being a part of Curbside Homework Club in 2020! 
Email us with any questions! To sign up CLICK HERE!














    Spence Sheldon


    Lee Pointe and Parker Bennett
    Each month we spotlight one of the MANY wonderful volunteers of Curbside. This month, we celebrate Spence. 
    Spence is the son of our founder, Terri Sheldon! He has been serving on the streets since the very beginning in 2011. 
    Spence serves at both of our Curbside sites. This past year he took on a leadership role at Embrace Empathy on Monday mornings. He brings an encouraging message to our kiddos twice a month, and the kids at Parker Bennett have loved getting to know him better! When we need help with anything we always know we can call Spence and he will be there, no question!  
    We asked Spence what his favorite memory from curbside was he said, “When mom pulled up to the house with this big ole black van grinning from ear to ear. –We all thought she was nuts! But she had this beautiful vision that changed the lives of thousands. When you feel the gust of heaven at your back, you go.  I have learned that from her.”

    If you were thinking about volunteering with Curbside Spence would tell you, “You can still change lives, even when yours isn’t together. Just show up and give hugs for a while. Hugs from strangers are the best.”
    Although you may not see Spence every week on the streets, we can assure you that he has done something that week to help us make ministry happen! 
    Thanks for all you do, Spence. We love you! 



    Every Tuesday: 5:30 pm – Parker Bennett (300 Jenkins Drive)

    Every Thursday: 5:30 pm – Lee Pointe (1222 N. Lee Street)

    BAG OF BLESSINGS: December 7th – 9am-4pm (1222 N. Lee Street)