Our most anticipated night of the year—WATER NIGHT!
Dang, did we have FUN! Both our Lee Pointe and our Parker Bennet locations enjoyed a night of water games. From our super sized Slip’n’Slide to the 3,000 (yes…3,000) water balloon fight, we got SOAKED! Thanks to some pretty awesome volunteers, we enjoyed deliciously grilled burgers and sweet, juicy watermelon. Water Night is important for so many reasons. It gives us an opportunity to give our kiddos one last HOORAH before heading back to school. Water Night also gives us the opportunity to have a little too much fun with other volunteers! All in all, this night is one of our FAVORITES!


Amy and Nick Oliver went above and beyond this summer with creating the CURBSIDE JUMPERS.

The Curbside Jumpers are a jump rope team at Lee Pointe. They practiced weekly throughout the summer to come up with a synchronized routine. The Curbside Jumpers performed their routine in front of everyone at Lee Pointe!

They did a WONDERFUL job, and had some pretty awesome leadership! Thank you, Nick and Amy, for using your gifts to bring joy to our Curbside kids. Y’all are great coaches!

Watch the whole Curbside Jumpers Routine by clicking here!
Marla Hardcastle
Parker Bennett/Lee PointeWe want to take time each month to spotlight one of the MANY wonderful volunteers we have at Curbside. This month, we want to celebrate Marla!
Geez, we can not say enough about this woman! Marla is the definition of servant. She attends both Parker Bennett and Lee Pointe Curbside to use her God-given gifts.
Marla takes all of our AWESOME pictures, as well as organizes all our crafts. She is a shining light to all she comes in contact with. She is loved by each kiddo SO VERY much.
Thank you, Marla, for serving with curb, and using your talents to glorify JESUS!! We are all better for it!!


Monday, August 14th: Embrace Empathy Kick Off @ Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School >>> 7:30am
Tuesday, September 12th: Volunteer Gathering @ Parker Bennett>>>7:00pm (Outside the Center)
Thursday, September 14th: Volunteer Gathering @ Lee Pointe>>> 7:00pm(Curbside Connection Center)