WATER NIGHT! One of our favorite nights! It is definitely one of our kiddos favorite nights!

After some of the chaos that ensued at water night last year, we were hesitant to do it again this year. But we are so glad we did!
The Lord’s provision and blessing made for two FUN and SAFE nights at both Curbside locations!
You all showed up and showed OUT! Kids and volunteers alike had a BLAST and we are already excited about water nights next year!
It is nights like these that get us fired up and excited for special nights!
Summer is over, but Curbside is still in full swing!
There are a few things we are asking for this season!
PLEASE wear your Curbside shirt to each outing. If you do not have a Curbside shirt, and would like one, please email curbsidec3@gmail.com
  • water guns (while they are on sale, HA)
  • nail polish remover
  • nail polish
  • Jesus Story Book Bibles
  • Teenage-friendly Bibles

WE NEED VAN DRIVERS! If you are available for a Tuesday/Thursday to drive the van, please let us know ASAP!

Rachel Pinkley
Lee Pointe
Rachel has been coming to Curbside faithfully for about a year now! And within that short time, she has kids attached to her hips!! They LOVE her!!
Rachel loves so well. Whether you are a small baby or a teenager, Rachel loves on you the same!
She has embraced a particular refugee family, and often takes them out to do fun things! She even took the whole family to the water park this summer, which they loved of course!
The way you put in the effort and the way you love the kiddos well is making a difference in their lives. Rachel, you encompass the motto of Showing Love!
Keep doing everything the way you do it, Rachel! We are thankful to have you and we know that, without a doubt, the kids are so glad to have you! Thanks for serving with curb!
Every Tuesday: 5:30pm – Parker Bennett
Every Thursday: 5:30pm – Lee Pointe
Aug. 28 – Praise Party @ PB
Sep. 11 – Volunteer Gathering @ LP
Sep. 13 – Volunteer Gathering @ LP
Oct. 2 & 4 – NO CURBSIDE (Fall Break)
Oct. 16 – Praise Party @ pB