Shooooot, y’all. Where do we even begin? How about this: JOB WELL DONE, CURBSIDERS!

On December 2nd, you served over 920 people with a true “bag full of blessings.” On top of that, you donated over 1,300 toys. Each child and teenager left our building with a Christmas present all because of YOU!
There is no doubt in our minds that each person walked away from Bag of Blessings feeling the love of Jesus. We celebrated King Jesus’s birthday in TRUE Curbside fashion. Our day was filled with hot chocolate, cookies, hugs, whips and nae nae’s.
Thank you for believing in what Jesus is doing on the streets of Bowling Green. To watch a recap of the AWESOME day, click here!
Curbside is wrapping up another wonderful year! We honestly can not believe how fast 2017 went by, but we are so thankful to all the NEW and “OLD FAITHFUL” volunteers this year has brought us.
  • End of the year donations: Because we are a nonprofit, Curbside will be sending out tax dedication forms for all of you who made a monetary donation in 2017. If you would like to make an “end of the year” donation to Curbside and want it to count for 2017, THE DEADLINE IS DEC. 28th. Any donations made after this date will go towards 2018.
  • NO Curbside for the remainder of 2017. We will get you the start up dates as soon as know them!
  • Curbside’s office will be closed Dec. 26th – January 2nd. We need some rest, y’all…..
KelliMae Sutherland

Lee Pointe/Parker Bennett

We want to take time each month to spotlight one of the MANY wonderful volunteers we have at Curbside. This month, we want to celebrate the one and only, KelliMae Sutherland!

You might often hear us refer to her as “Sweet KelliMae” because she is so dang sweet!!! KelliMae has been apart of Curbside as a volunteer, but more recently, she has jumped on board as an intern through our college internship!

KelliMae loves each Curbside kid with tender love and patience. Her big heart is full of kindness and gentleness. She jumps at any opportunity to serve in all kinds of ways! Whether it be holding a child, cleaning the van, or counting toys for Bag of Blessings, KelliMae gets the job done. We are so thankful for your servant heart, KelliMae. Thank you for loving Curbside so much, and for serving these kids so faithfully! We love you so much!


2018 Calendar COMING SOON!!!