March 2019 Newsletter

We are starting to think this cold weather will be gone soon! We sure hope so. We will be counting down the days until we are back outside at both sites! We kicked the month of March off by hosting our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. We LOVED having this time to encourage you, feed you an amazing meal, gift you awesome prizes, and fellowship! We can never thank YOU enough for all YOU do for this ministry.

Who’s Ready?!

It’s almost time to go back outside at both sites and the above picture depicts how we feel about it!

Lee Pointe
March 21st- Spring “Tease”
Join us for a fun night of Curbside! We are partnering with Hillvue Heights Church for a spring kick off at Lee Pointe.
April 11th- Officially BACK!

Parker Bennett
April 9th- Back outside!

April 22-24 – three nights of learning about the ABC’s of Salvation and FUN!

Lesley Duke
Parker Bennett

We take time each month to spotlight one of the MANY wonderful volunteers of Curbside. This month, we celebrate Lesley Duke!

Lesley is one of our new volunteers and she has been such a blessing to our team at Curbside! One thing we have noticed about Lesley is that she always brings her Bible to Parker Bennett and spends her time intentionally sharing it with the kids!

If you have spent any amount of time around Lesley you can’t help but smile when you are around her. She brings infectious energy and a caring spirit everywhere she goes.

Thanks for all you do, Lesley! We love you!

Every Tuesday: 5:30pm – Parker Bennett
-April 9th- Outside at Parker Bennett
Every Thursday: 5:30pm – Lee Pointe
-March 21st- Spring Tease at Lee Pointe
-April 11th- Outside at Lee Pointe

April 22-24- CAMP Curbside