"I am them"

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“When a FOREIGNER resides with you in your land, you must not oppress them…TREAT THEM as native born and LOVE THEM AS YOURSELF.”

Leviticus 19:33-34

Bosco’s Story

JeanBosco’s story starts as a toddler in the Republic of Rwanda, Africa. He came to Bowling Green with his family and they settled comfortably in the Parker Bennett area. The Parker Bennett Community is an area of Bowling Green that Curbside serves weekly. Bosco and his siblings were regular Curbside Participants. They faithfully walked to every weekly Outreach seeking and enjoying relational opportunities. Our first impression of Bosco, as early as 8 years old, was that he would be a strong leader and communicator.

Fast forward to Bosco’s Senior year of High School – his passion for others and giving back personality was firmly established. He “circled back” and reached out to Curbside via a Facebook message. His message/vision was in speculation of a Soccer Tournament. Together we followed through on his idea. We named the tournament, “The Curbside Cup”. This soccer tournament gave our past Curbsiders an opportunity to lead our current Curbsiders in healthy competition, fun, and all things soccer. We will now host this tournament annually. News of this event quickly spread through the Bowling Green Community. The Curbside Cup was featured in the Daily News and covered on two televised news stations. A podcast interview via ONLY IN AMERICA with Ali Noorani from the National Immigration Forum publicized July 20th, 2021 on the immigrationforum.org website, Bosco was asked, “Why this community?”, he replied, “I AM THEM”.

We are all “foreigners” and we are all “them.” Join us as we proclaim and reference Leviticus 19:33-34, “When a FOREIGNER resides with you in your land, you must not oppress them.. TREAT THEM as native born and LOVE THEM as yourself.”

It’s our privilege to share this “I AM THEM” platform as it really is the message of the Gospel! We encourage you to follow Bosco’s story and mission as he himself says, “let’s all try to be that leading domino and encourage others going forward.” Become a part of the Curbside Team and let’s “be part of a change” and “keep the cycle going” so that we can continue to saturate this city with Jesus!

Here is how you get to participate:

A t-shirt (shown in photo) with the “I AM THEM” quote – Leviticus scripture – and domino will be gifted to every Curbside family member at our annual Bag of Blessings Christmas event.

You can purchase one t-shirt for $25 or Buy One – Gift One for $40. How’s this for teamwork? Together we can and we will do more. Thank you, in advance, for joining us…

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