About the Curbside Ministries Van.

Possible activities and fun opportunities include:

Free ice cream (complete with old-time ice cream truck jingle), sports and games (fully equipped), board games, arts and crafts, movie nights (complete with popcorn and an external screen), tailgating at sporting events and block parties or church festivals/fun days.

Flexibility and creativity are key to the success of Curbside activities. A spontaneous game of kickball may be the opportunity for ministry God has provided. A quiet time of coloring or reading stories may be what is needed. Activities and programming will be as varied as our visitors, recognizing that God created us all differently.

The people of Curbside will keep it simple and positive; we will be encouraging and caring. We will share an energy that is powered by the God-Head and we will be relational in all things. Love is the essence of this ministry–a relationship with Christ is its goal. We will be intentional in our journey together.