A cornerstone of God’s word is the essential power and the essential requirement of servanthood. By serving as a Curbside volunteer, you will receive blessings and rewards beyond measure as we grow together by helping others to grow.

Based on intergenerational ministry, children, teens, and adults will grow closer together as they serve others together. Volunteers will grow in their own faith and commitment to Christ as we work together with one common goal: Showing Love and Sharing Truth. New generations of servants will be inspired, and new communities of believers will be planted.

There are no losers in Curbside: receivers and givers are all winners, as lives are changed for the better.

The Mobile Ministry Center will be available for use by Adult Bible Study Groups, Sunday School Classes, Teenage Small Groups or Youth Groups, even individual families, who are led to minister.

As Curbside volunteers develop relationships with children and adults in the community, our goal is to sustain those relationships and assist our new friends in developing a connection with a local body of believers. A committee of Curbside volunteers will be appointed to assist in the transition of Curbside mentees to a local congregation; it is essential that all Curbside volunteers become familiar with our local churches and their activities, and to work with those congregations in the assimilation of new members from the Curbside ministry. We, however, are confident in the fact that “The Body of Christ” is not confined to a building.

Curbside will remain open to ministry opportunities; we place NO real limits on how God will use the Mobile Ministry Center or our teams of volunteers. We will submit to the Lord’s leadership and we will follow Him obediently. Additional Mobile Ministry Centers and teams of volunteers will be added as the Curbside Ministry continues to grow.

Volunteering is Easy. All you have to do is email us requesting the date you desire to serve. Give us some required information about you and/or your group. If you choose a Friday or Saturday for service, we will want to confirm your mission field. Once request is received and granted, we will meet you and your team briefly for an orientation prior to departure.

If you would like to help, by volunteering your time, money, or want to contribute goods or services, we would really appreciate it! Please contact Terri Sheldon by phone at 1-855-526-LOVE(5683) or by email stsheldon@bellsouth.net