History of Curbside Ministries.

God powerfully impressed upon me back in the mid 1990’s to engage in the lives of children, not just my own. After a couple of attempts to begin a ministry for children and teens, the desire continued. With every ministry idea my heavenly Father brought to mind, my earthly husband suggested I come up with a plan. You see, my husband is a businessman. He believed in the ideas. His “all business” personality always encouraged me to design the entire ministry from start to finish. “Really, Steve?” I thought? You mean I have to have a plan, a business model, and money? I just desired to serve the Lord with kids being the recipients of our service. Each time I began the process he requested, I came to the conclusion that the ministry would be overwhelming for our already overwhelmed family. I look back on the specifics of each ministry idea and realize that God was totally preparing me for this Curbside Ministry. The similarities are incredible!

Steve and I have 5 children of our own. Because of our own parenting decisions, good and bad, we recognize the need for establishing relationships built on love and truth. We have always wanted to show and teach our children how to love Jesus and love others. We struggled with teaching them how to serve. We allowed their individual extra-curricular activities to create conflicts. For the last 10 years, Steve and I have entertained hundreds of kids in our home. We have welcomed ALL kids from ALL walks of life. We LOVE kids! We are fascinated with, confused by, concerned for, and blessed by kids! Our goal throughout these past several years has been to Show Love and Share Truth with any and all we come in contact with.

During all the attempts to plant seeds within our home, God has never let me rest there. He has continued to prod me to go outside the walls of our home and our church. He reminds me daily that our area of ministry is not just within our home. Today, I am paying attention to the tension that stirs within me. That tension led me to action once more. While driving down a busy street in town one day, I saw an ice cream truck for sale. It was in that instant that God revealed this entire ministry. I phoned Steve immediately and shared God’s revelation. Once more, Steve asked for the objectives and goals of the ministry. This time, however, was different. He embraced the entire vision from the onset. He, too, knew the time was right and this was “MY MUST”. I share with you from the both of us — Now is definitely the time! Feel free to ask us ”why now?” and how we know. We do have an answer.

The board members, pre-chosen by God, are part of this beautiful history. Personally, I do not want to forget these areas that God provided and sustained. The approach taken with each board member was similar and different. God revealed each name to me through prayer, over time, and in daily circumstances. I eventually would obey God’s nudge and approach the potential board member. Each person I asked joyfully accepted. A couple of these individuals were mere acquaintances. God ordained this board. Their talents and gifts are being revealed daily. I am thankful to know them and I am blessed to serve with them. To God Be The Glory!